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for the study and prevention of the unexpected perinatal death and the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

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A new Research Topic titled “Updates on the Neuropathology of Sudden Unexplained Perinatal Death and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders edited by Anna Maria Lavezzi, of the Milan University (IT), Ana Paula Abdala of the Bristol University (UK) and William Fifer of the Columbia University of New York (USA) has been launched by Frontiers. It is now live in Frontiers in Neurology - Pediatric Neurology.

The rationale for this Research Topic and the procedures of submission are available here.

Expert authors are encouraged to submit Original Research Articles aimed to widen the current knowledge on the neuropathological substrates of the mentioned pathologies. Submissions of Hypotheses, Theories, Opinions and General Commentaries also will be welcome. Manuscripts indirectly related to the specific aims of the Research Topic will be considered as well.

The submission deadlines are: 27 February 2020 for Abstracts; 15 July 2020 for Manuscripts.

The Special Issue "Prenatal Exposure to Toxics and Risks in Infants", edited by Anna M. Lavezzi and Hui Chen, has been launched by Toxics (ISSN 2305-6304).

The aim of this Special Issue was to collect innovative approaches that can highlight:

  1. which exogenous risk factors are able to alter so seriously the intrauterine environment to cause troubles in infancy;
  2. which diseases in the first years of life can be recognized as being of intrauterine origin as a consequence of prenatal exposure to toxics. The advantages deriving from a better understanding of the pathogenetic mechanism leading to these pathologies are certainly significant and useful for planning specific prevention strategies.

Authors were invited to submit original research articles aimed at widening the current knowledge on this field.

The articles published to date are available on the site Toxics.

The contributions published in the Research Topic "New approaches to the pathogenesis of Sudden Intrauterine Unexplained Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome", edited by Anna M. Lavezzi and Conrad E. Johanson, in collaboration with Frontiers in Neurology, now appear in a special eBook available for download on Frontiers.

The articles have been subdivided in two sections: 1) Original hypotheses; 2) Guidelines.

Latest publications

  • Sudden intrauterine unexplained death: time to adopt uniform postmortem investigative guidelines?
  • Massive amniotic fluid aspiration in a case of sudden neonatal death with severe hypoplasia of the retrotrapezoid/parafacial respiratory group.
  • Neuropathology of early Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Hypoplasia of the pontine Kölliker-Fuse nucleus: a possible marker of unexpected collapse during Skin-to-Skin Care.
  • Variability of the medullary arcuate nucleus in humans.
  • Toxic Effect of Cigarette Smoke on Brainstem Nicotinic Receptor Expression: Primary Cause of Sudden Unexplained Perinatal Death.
  • Pathobiological expression of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in cerebellar cortex of sudden fetal and infant death victims.
  • EBook: “New Approaches to the Pathogenesis of Sudden Intrauterine Unexplained Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”.

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